It's all about productivity with ShoreTel Sky Dialers

    Business VoIP phone systems today are much more than just voice and can help increase employee productivity through application integration that can help make connections with people faster. For some companies these could translate into bottom-line savings. Simple “click-to-dial” applications will eliminate incorrectly dialed numbers and save seconds every time a user is placing the call. This adds up to hours saved per year, per employee, which is a considerable time savings when multiplied by the number of staff making outbound calls across an organization.

    More and more companies have integrated their phone system with their desktops to leverage the benefits of unified communications. Time is critical for these users and having the ability to dial a number directly from their desktop can save time and boost their productivity. Desktop users rely on lots of applications as well as browsers to connect to the Internet. The need for click-to-dial remains the same whether workers are using an application or a browser, and having the ability to seamlessly initiate a call from these applications is quite powerful.

    Introducing ShoreTel Sky Dialers

    ShoreTel Sky Dialers enable “click-to-dial” capability from users’ desktops, increasing their productivity. ShoreTel Sky Web Dialer enables one-click dialing of phone numbers shown in browsers, and ShoreTel Sky App Dialer enables the feature in other applications.


    ShoreTel Sky WebDialer 

    ShoreTel Sky WebDialer is an application that enables click-to-dial functionality from the Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome browsers.

    Features include:

    • Automatically highlights most phone numbers on web pages when using the Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome browser
    • One click dials the phone number
    • Runs transparently until the application is turned off
    • Supports a variety of phone number formats, including local, long distance, and international numbers


    ShoreTel Sky AppDialer 

    ShoreTel Sky AppDialer is an application that enables click-to-dial functionality from most desktop Windows applications, including Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and Notepad. This application can also be integrated into Windows-based CRM systems and other third-party applications.

    Features include:

    • Highlight a phone number and click the ShoreTel Sky icon or press hot keys to place a call
    • Runs transparently until the application is turned off
    • Supports all commonly used phone number types including local, long distance, and international
    • Automatically removes all non-digit characters from a highlighted phone number including parenthesis, dashes, spaces, plus sign, etc.

    Together, these applications use of click-to-dial functionality for all telephone numbers displayed in the most commonly used desktop applications eliminate the time and effort required to manually dial phone numbers when working online.


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