I've Always Believed in Having Choices: iCan with ShoreTel

    We all know work is no longer a place you go to, it's a service you provide to a company. And you might provide that service in an office, in a home office, or even at the airport, hotel or taxi cab. Having the right tools available for the moment, makes a difference. I thought I'd share with you a day in the life a while back of working anywhere with any device, including the devices I own such as my iPad, iPhone and Macbook.

    We launched our ShoreTel Mobility 6 solution with ShoreTel Conferencing for the iPad and iPhone in March. This was taking place during the opening of our new ShoreTel office in Broadway in New York.  So I decided to hold the analyst briefing in New York City. I'm into trying all types of devices and had recently picked up a new Apple Macbook Air for home, so I thought I'd bring it along.

    The day starts at home where I check my visual voice mail on my iPhone. Review a message received, but it can wait until later. Off to the airport by taxi. I use my iPhone hot spot capability for my iPad to connect to a Webinar that the ShoreTel Sky team is hosting about the event, and see the slides in real time. Arrive at the airport and sit in the terminal with my bag of gear. Use the Lenovo to share my TCO spreadsheet with the reseller. ShoreTel provides that device. Easily done.

    After I arrive in New York, it's off to the office to set up for the analysts briefings. Since the Broadway office has WIFI, I connect my iPad and insert it into a ShoreTel Dock in the conference room, and put a yellow post-it note that says "DON’T MENTION DOCK," since it isn't public yet and I don’t want it to slip. That is the one thing iCAN’T do until Interop. The Apple calendar shows the meeting is going to start, which lets me connect to ShoreTel Conferencing on the iPad and put the slides in slideshow mode.

    During the Webinar, I've got the presentation open on my iPad and iPhone. They both can be used at the same time to control the slides. I also have the Lenovo logged into the bridge in case I need to share my PC desktop and show any files. And just for fun, the Macbook is also logged in so I can know what the audience is viewing. So I’m using four devices, all working together - PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad in the ShoreTel Dock all able to control the Webinar slide viewing. The meeting goes well and it's off to the celebration of the new office with 200 guests. And yes, I even bring my Fender guitar and meet up with the Battle of the Bands people, and even teach someone how to play a few notes. Totally fun!


    So without reading a manual, or taking a class, I can share my ideas from any device from any location any time. It's one of those life impacting technologies that people have talked about for years. But it's only when you do it yourself you see that you’re the one in control, the one who can decide what is best.


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