IVR Handling to Replace Parked Calls

    Back in April we published a nifty little insight into accessing your ShoreTel Contact Center Agent Manager on your iDevice.

    This got people thinking. And someone inquired about setting up an easy speed dial for when a call is parked on 8000. Now, options abound, but “Park” should be replaced by some IVR handling.

    1)    8000 could be redirected to feed a Contact Center script that can accomplish that exact routing or certainly utilize even more options including a database lookup if desired.
    2)    That “Park” would be a “Transfer to (that agent’s) Single Agent Queue.” If the intent is for that agent to get the call and no one else, that’s exactly what the feature is for.
    3)    If it’s a Group situation and (that agent) needs to be at the top of the list as the “First Agent”, we can set up a “Group List Order” with (that agent) at the top of the list. “First Agent” gets the first call, all the time. “Next Agent” would only get a call if “First Agent” is on a call or not available.
    4)    If it’s a call already in the Contact Center use the Transfer to Agent Option. You can then pick the agent to send the call to from a list or it can be someone by name/ID if desired.

    Either way it’s a simple Transfer Button on a Toolbar (and “Park” has got to go away). Park is not a Contact Center function, but a PBX one. Hence we take that “Parked ” call and move it to the IVR.

    Here’s an example of a few Back to the Queue Transfers that II have set up for my Supervisor “Peter Pound”:


    Here’s a Blind Transfer to specific Agent:


    Or Choose from a List of Agents:


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