Jamie Schwartz of Haley Stuart on Staffing, Voice, The Cloud and ShoreTel Sky

    We would like to thank Jamie Schwartz, principal and the president of the Haley Stuart Group of Companies for participating in our recent webinar about why staffing companies love ShoreTel Sky.  The following post is a transcription of what Jamie shared about the importance of voice communications for staffing companies, and why Haley Stuart chose ShoreTel’s cloud-based solution.  We also invite you to view the webinar in its entirety.  Enjoy!

    We at Haley Stuart are very big believers in the importance of voice as a way to build trust with candidates.  We view trust as the lifeblood of what we do.  We feel that there is a time and a place for email, text and other forms of communications, but the phone is vital to what we do and is still the most important tool on our desk.  I felt that way back when we were first looking at ShoreTel Sky, that not enough time was spent selecting the best phone service and systems out there.  We spent a lot time selecting the right applicant tracking system, but very little time was historically spent on picking the right phone service and, quite frankly, not all phone service is the same.

    When started to investigate the different options out there, we came to the realization that the features and functionality that we wanted may have been available to use with our old system, but they were prohibitively expensive and prohibitively complex for the resources we had in house.  So, we made the decision that a cloud-based solution was as the best for us.  We were at a point where in order to grow further; we would have needed to expand our current PBX at our current facility.  We were also in the process of expanding to the west coast with a new office.  We would have had to invest in an additional PBX for that office out there as well, so the scalability of a cloud-based solution really was an attractive feature for us.  The paradigm shift of going from a major cap-ex investment to more nimble, flexible solution out in the cloud was one obvious benefit.

    But when we started to pull back the layers of the onion and look a bit deeper, we realized that there were some great features that even our existing phone system couldn’t offer.  So, it wasn’t a matter of whether or not we were willing to invest in the hardware, the heavy iron in the back room, to get these features, these features just weren’t available on our old platform.  As a side note, even if it was available, it wasn’t something that we were able to handle ourselves.  One of the features of a cloud based solution is that it empowered our administrative staff to manage it.  So, even if these features were available and we were willing to invest in them, the whole process would have been outsourced and would have required ongoing maintenance contracts or charges to manage the system.  When we started to look at the cloud-based systems and we realized that there were some features available to us that would really empower our recruiters, we started to look closely at the different cloud based solutions out there. ShoreTel Sky was an obvious choice for us because of its commitment to the recruiting industry.

    One thing that was important to us was that we were partnering with a firm that understood our industry and that was committed to staffing.  For us that meant that they were looking at the way our recruiters do the work that comes across their desk, that they were committed to integrating with the various other technology tools that our out there that our recruiters use.  ShoreTel Sky has integrated with several of the applicant tracking systems that tend to be the most popular.  We are on Sendouts and we embraced the opportunity to do certain repetitive tasks more efficiently.  The way we look at, both our ATS and our ShoreTel Sky phone system should be designed to allow our recruiters to talk to our clients and our candidates more often and have deeper conversations.  These tools are a means to an end and we have found that the commitment that ShoreTel has made to the recruiting industry has really empowered our recruiters to be able to do their jobs better.  Features like the find me/follow me, click-to-dial and call recording, were all features that we didn’t necessarily have and we didn’t know existed, but once we started to take a closer look we realized that this type of solution is right for our industry.

    I can tell you over the last five years, they ShoreTel has been very responsive and open minded to our ideas so far.  And we like where they are going.  We like what they’ve done so far and I can’t say enough about the importance of really focusing on your telephony as a major tool going forward.

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