Jon Arnold's Analyst 2.0 Blog: ShoreTel and M5 Networks - Big Bet, Big Payoff

    Remember Sylantro? GoBeam? There's DNA from these long-gone companies at ShoreTel, but I think it had a lot to do with their recent move to acquire M5 Networks. If you need a primer or a refresh on the details, you can start with our podcast last week on UCStrategies and go from there. I'm not here to rehash the news, but I do want to give you my take on the deal and what I think it means for the spaces these two companies play in.

    Last week I had a chance to speak with executives from both companies, and that helped me piece together the rest of the story, which I think speaks to where things are going and how you have to respond in this fast-moving business. First and foremost, kudos to ShoreTel for thinking big and thinking out of the box. I'm pretty sure they realized that organic growth and incremental moves won't cut it to stay competitive. They need a to make a bigger move - and a bolder move.

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