Just a Lead Singer in a Rock and Roll Band | Interview with M5's Amanda Hughes

    We’re kicking off the week with an interview with Amanda Hughes, an Account Executive in our New York City office.  She and her band mates from f-Franko are just polishing up their act for Thursday’s Battle of the Bands.  Join us to see how M5 does corporate learning.

    What’s the name of your band?

    F-Franko.  Our original group included a keyboardist by the name of Franko but he dropped out pretty early in the game.  We lovingly dubbed ourselves f-Franko in honor of his bailout.

    What Instrument are you playing?

    I started the program as a lead vocalist, but ended up taking guitar lessons a couple of months ago.  I felt like it would help me feel more secure on stage by having an instrument to hold.  As a nice surprise, I have taken to it and love playing at home.  However, I have decided to face my fears and battle most of it out without my guitar.

    Did you have any music background before M5 Rock?

    Yes…I was one of those choir geeks in High School.  I’m quite fond of the memories conjured up while watching Glee.

    Why did you join the Battle of the Bands program?

    I wanted to be able to sing “I’m just a lead singer in a rock and roll band”.  I now sing this line to most everyone that crosses my path…it’s like a dream come true.

    Why did you decide to learn the guitar?

    I knew I had the cool factor in me but it was buried deep deep down inside and got lost along the way.  By picking up the guitar, I’ve been able to reconnect with my cool...which is hot.

    Did the program put you in contact with co-workers you didn’t know well before?

    Most definitely…even those I thought I knew well…now I know so much more.  After a few rehearsals passed by, opinions and differences in artistic expressions started coming out and people start getting real.  We’ve had a few fights…an ugly breakup… a tear-jerker reunion in which Adam and Alex had one of those slow motion run-into-each-others-arms moment…we’ve never been tighter.

    What did you learn about yourself?

    I learned that I’m a pretty competitive person and can be a bit of a diva when people don’t see things my way.  I also learned that being the lead singer gives one plenty of room for such narcissistic behavior.  Throughout this interview, I am also learning I best communicate through jest.

    What was the most difficult thing about the program?

    Learning to collaborate and letting go of my “type A” personality was by far the most challenging. 

    How do you feel about the upcoming event?

    I really hope Terminal 5 can handle my performance.

    Do you think you will keep up with your instrument?

    Try and stop me.

    Would you participate in something like this again?

    Until I’m fully signed with a major label, you bet.

    Anything I didn’t ask that you’d like to share?

    f-Franko has a fan page and we are always looking for more fans so please check us out at https://www.facebook.com/ffrankoband

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