Key Components to Finding Your Best Unified Notification Solution

    According to a report published by Markets and Markets, the demand for mass notification solutions is expected to grow from $4.16 billion in 2016 to $9.69 billion by 2021 due to the rising demand for stronger public safety protocols, business continuity, BYOD, and increasing awareness for emergency communication solutions available on the market. In-building solutions are projected to hold the largest market share. Indoor systems are used to alert people located within a facility, such as VoIP UC systems, indoor PA systems, strobes or desktops.

    Events such as natural disasters, bio hazards or security threats are factors driving the adoption rate for unified mass notification solutions. These situations are forcing organizations to reevaluate their infrastructure, identify communication gaps and develop a robust notification strategy.

    While it’s common for many organizations to have some form of communication process in place for emergency and non-emergency situations, many do not have a unified notification strategy that consolidates disparate technologies – such as ShoreTel phones, speakers, panic buttons or mobile devices -  into a single application for a simplified notification management experience.

    Syn-Apps: Key Components to Finding Your Best Unified Notification Solution

    Here are a few key components to consider when evaluating unified notification solutions:

         Unified Notification Solutions Save Organizations Time and Money

    • Managing disparate communication systems from one system reduces the time spent individually activating alerts on separate systems.
    • Automated notifications help reduce activation time, increase safety and potentially human error. Examples include pre-recorded & scheduled alerts, one-touch lockdowns or automatic weather alerts.
    • Scalability and performance is critical to ensure alerts are received within a timely manner.

    Mass Notification Applications Improve Efficiency, Productivity and Safety

    • Managing interoperable systems from one notification platform helps reduce activation and response time.
    • Find a solution that supports multimodal communication for your on and off-premise notification needs.
    • Go beyond the confinements of live paging with text, audio and visual notifications delivered to people located on or off premise.

    Flexible Solutions Leave Room for Growth and Expansion

    • Communication needs can change at any time, which is why notification capabilities should be flexible to configure and easy to manage for any scenario to help prepare your organization for on-the-fly situations.
    • Look for solutions that solve your notification needs today, but also offer room to expand in the future. Look for information on use cases, feature functionality and third-party system integration to get ideas for your environment.
    • Notification solutions are an investment to your organization. Remember to do your homework on the application manufacturer and consider factors such as reputable technical support, validated interoperability with your ShoreTel system and third-party system compatibility. 

    Food for Thought
    If a situation were to occur right now within your organization, how quickly would you be able to relay vital information to the appropriate people? In today’s world, having a unified notification strategy using the proper technology to alert people within a matter of seconds is not an option, but rather a critical necessity to any organization.

    Syn-Apps' SA-Announce notification software provides customers a single user interface for their mass notification, emergency alerting and routine communication needs. Syn-Apps has been supporting ShoreTel customers since 2009. SA-Announce is compliance-tested with ShoreTel Connect & Director and compatible with PAPI-enabled phones, including the popular 400 series phone models!

    Menlo School connected SA-Announce with their ShoreTel phones and analog paging system to simplify notification management across school grounds. "[Syn-Apps'] unmatched connectivity to the ShoreTel Unified Communications Platform, combined with their excellent Sales and Support team, is the perfect fit for Menlo School," explained Eric DeStefano, Menlo School's Network Manager.

    To learn more about SA-Announce for ShoreTel systems, call us at 1-866-664-6071 or email us at

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    Sydney Hirshberger is a contributing content marketer for Syn-Apps. As the Marketing Communications Associate, Sydney leverages her background in journalism, technology and public relations to develop creative, engaging content used to educate customers and partners and drive awareness for notification solutions.

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