The Key to Happier Customers: Collaboration Tools in the Contact Center

    Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, once declared, “The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary.” 

    Inspiring as that may be, what does a company actually need in order to deliver exemplary customer service, the kind that produces happy and loyal customers? 

    Each time a customer interacts with your contact center team, you have an opportunity to deliver a distinctive experience. So it follows that improving the quality of these encounters is the key to making customers happy. But how do you do that? Equipping agents with powerful collaboration tools like web chat, instant messaging and video conferencing is a good place to start. 

    Here are four reasons why integrating collaboration tools with the contact center offers your company a significant upside:  

    1. Customers Prefer Web Chat and Instant Messaging 

    More and more customers are turning web chat instant messaging (IM) to resolve issues. As it turns out, chat and IM work well for internal collaboration, too. While chatting online with a customer, agents can use messaging apps to contact an internal expert for help. The resulting resolution is swift, and conversations can be stored and searched later when similar issues arise.

    2. It’s Easier to Connect Customers with Experts

    What’s the most important thing a company can do to deliver an exceptional experience? Show customers that you value their time, according to 73% of the consumers who responded to the Forrester Research survey, Top Trends for Customer Service in 2016

    Presence and text messaging help speed response times significantly. For example, when a patient calls a healthcare group, presence enables agents to locate the right doctor and immediately connect them with the patient. In emergencies, callers are frequently anxious and worried, so the ability to reassure them without delay is certain to create a positive impression.

    3. Information Personalizes the Experience

    Although we often think of collaboration as being real-time, it also happens as information is shared over time. When teams collaborate internally and can share customer details, the result is a more personalized consumer experience. 

    By integrating your CRM application with your contact center, you can put valuable intelligence into the hands of your reps, thus elevating all interactions. Agents have critical details at their fingertips, including customer preferences, recent conversations, and products they’ve purchased in the past which allows agents to more effectively tailor their interaction with each customer. 

    4. Self-Service Tools Save Time

    Sometimes, it’s more expedient – and more desirable – for customers to resolve issues on their own. In fact, Forrester says self-service is the top trend in customer service this year. When compared to research results from 2015, web and mobile self-service interactions exceeded interactions over live-assist channels in 2015. Indeed, sometimes removing the agent from common processes can save time for customers and free up agents to handle more complex scenarios. 

    Tools such as these enhance the contact center’s ability to exceed customer expectations. They make it easier for customers to resolve issues and enable agents to track down internal experts and obtain answers more quickly. 

    And when tools such as web chat, instant messaging and CRM applications are tightly integrated with the contact center, they can help your business deliver a superior – even legendary – customer experience. 

    Learn how you can deliver legendary customer service with ShoreTel’s contact center and collaboration solutions. 


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