Last Week in Business Communications: March 23, 2015

    Last Week in Business Communications is a weekly post where we cover some of the notable articles and happenings in the business communication world from the week before. Check back each Monday for your news fix. 


    An Office Without Phones
    on TalkingPointz

    Colin Berkshire speaks with a company who has made a conscious decisions to ditch desk phones altogether for many of its employees in favor of other business communication tools. It’s an interesting reminder that the future of business communications may be less focused on desktop hardware and more focused on soft applications—and voice may take a back seat to things like text and chat.  Read the article >


    End User Summit: UC&C 'Mystique' Gone, On to Its Use
    on NoJitter

    Unified communications and collaboration is not longer a shiny aspirational toy, but the price of entry to today’s business world, according to prominent IT pros speaking at the End User Summit at Enterprise Connect last week. Find out what else they had to say.  Read the article >


    Tech Groups Renew Push For Cloud, Email Privacy Protections
    on CIO

    When you think of data security, you usually think about protecting yourself from hackers. But what about unreasonable search from police? Currently, there are very low standards to meet for law enforcement to gain access to your data stored in third party cloud storage. But a new bill is gaining steam in Congress that would afford the same legal protections for information stored in third party cloud storage as any paper file in your office.  Read the article >


    Live from Enterprise Connect 2015: Closing Insights
    on the Windstream blog

    Windstream shares a tight high-level overview of key takeaways from Enterprise Connect 2015. BYOD, security and cloud deployment strategies are among their top subjects.  Read the article >


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