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    Last Week in Business Communications: February 08, 2016

    Last Week in Business Communications is a weekly post where we cover some of the notable articles and happenings in the business communication world from the week before. Check back each Monday for your news fix.


    EU-US Privacy Shield offers flimsy protection
    On Info World

    The data transfer agreement is neither a safe harbor nor an effective privacy shield. Read the article >


    Confused yet? Clouds crib from enterprise licenses
    On Info World

    The ELA and its variants may comfort IT buyers, but they also increase the complexity and make it harder to know you made the right decision. Read the article >


    VoLTE calls not yet as reliable as 2G or 3G, says report
    On Computer Weekly

    Research by customer experience solutions supplier Amdocs claims VoLTE call drops are four to five times higher than on traditional mobile networks. Read the article >


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