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    Last Week in Business Communications: February 15, 2016

    Last Week in Business Communications is a weekly post where we cover some of the notable articles and happenings in the business communication world from the week before. Check back each Monday for your news fix.


    How to survive a broadband service failure
    On Computer Weekly

    With BT yet again forced to apologise to consumer and business broadband customers after another technical fault, how can businesses reliant on one telco prepare themselves for the inevitable? Read the article >


    US IT professionals overconfident in cyber attack detection, study finds
    On Computer Weekly

    Most US IT professionals are confident in key security controls to detect cyber attacks – but unsure how long it would take automated tools to discover a breach. Read the article >


    13 ways the cloud has changed (since last you looked)
    On Info World

    New services and pricing models make cloud computing more powerful, complex, and cheaper than it was a few short years ago. Read the article >