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Last Week in Business Communications is a weekly post where we cover some of the notable articles and happenings in the business communication world from the week before. Check back each Monday for your news fix. 


How All-in-One Collaboration is Powering the Digital Workplace

When are communication and collaboration tools most likely to fulfill the promise of increased productivity? Josh Erwin makes the case for bringing all of your communication and collaboration tools under one vendor in this point-by-point post. Read the article >

WebRTC Video Conferencing, in What Browser? Take V
on No Jitter

Adoption of different web RTC standards varies widely and the landscape continues to shift. In this post, Tsahi Levent –Levi covers the current state of support for different web RTC standards by different browsers and companies. Read the article >

The Top Things Millennials Desire in the Workplace
on Computer World

Millennials want a lot of different things out of their workplaces than previous generations and businesses have been trying to figure out what those are so they can attract and retain top talent. It turns out that many of Millenials’ top wants rely on communications technology.  Read the article >


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Hal Werner

Manager of Digital Marketing & Strategy

As a digital marketer and content strategist, Hal Werner shapes online experiences to help people find information they can use to make more informed technology decisions.

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