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Last week, we announced some pretty significant news about the future of the mobile enterprise at our Mitel Next event and dove into how our own philosophies and products play a part in that vision. So this week, we’re going to take the opportunity to recap the numerous moving parts that made up - and accompanied - the announcement.


Our Vision of the Mobile Enterprise
Video and much more

On this page, you watch the full-length Mitel Next event, get more details on relevant product updates and much more. Visit the hub >


Mobile Enterprise 2020

Industry influencers and some of our own leaders talk about what kinds of new communications experiences may arise as seams between mobile and business communications dissolve. Get the ebook >


Re-Imagining the Mobile Enterprise

The rise of the mobile enterprise is a unique moment made possible by the culmination of many technologies and strategies. Find out what they are. Read the blog post >


8 Ways Mobile-Enabling Your Workforce Saves Time and Money

For some, the mobile enterprise concept may be hard to understand at first. One thing that’s not hard to understand are the cost savings. See the infographic >


Flipping the Equation: The Mobile Enterprise in 2020
Blog Post

Industry experts and Mitel CMO Wes Durow talk about how the mobile enterprise is flipping traditional communications on its head. Read the blog post >


Mobilizing Real Time Communications

Get an in-depth look at the IP intersection that’s igniting the mobile enterprise concept and the technologies that are feeding the transformation. Get the whitepaper (bottom of page) >


Mitel Makes Big Play in Mobile Enterprise
On NoJitter

Managing Editor of No Jitter Beth Schultz recaps key announcements from the event. Read the article >


Mitel Lays Out Strategies
On Telecom Reseller

Doug Green, Publisher of Telecom Reseller, recently interviewed Mitel CMO Wes Durow about our evolving vision of communications. Listen to the podcast >


Mitel Proposes to Bridge Gap Between Business Communications Platforms and Mobile Networks
On Fierce Mobile

Fred Donovan give us his take on the event, including some important background and supporting industry data.  Read the article >


Mitel Announces Mobile Enterprise Portfolio for Today's Mobile-First World
Press Release

Get insight into the specific technology components that make up our vision of the mobile enterprise. Read the press release >


Mitel Outlines Strategic Vision to Intersect Advanced Real-Time Communications With Cloud, Enterprise and Mobility Technologies
Press Release

Discover what’s motivating the mobile enterprise shift, how different strategies are being brought together, and some key facts that help lay a foundation for the mobile enterprise concept to take root. Read the press release >


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