A Lesson in Taking Responsibility

    M5 has some amazing learning programs. One of the latest is a Brazilian Jiujitsu course designed and taught by Josh Waitzkin and Marcelo Garcia.  About forty M5’ers got together to hear Josh speak last night. I couldn’t make it but asked our overworked office manager, Bridget,  to record the session.  I was looking to understand what people were getting out of the program.  Turns out I didn't get the video I wanted, but I got something so much better.  Bridget’s email perfectly frames why we are doing Jiujitsu and why I love working for M5.

    Bridget didn't just take responsibility for her actions towards her colleagues. She learned she has a responsibility to take care of herself as well. Thanks Bridget!


    I am so sorry, but amidst the chaos of the latter part of the day I forgot to press record on the camera. I put it in there then didn't realize until 7:15 that I hadn't pressed record.

    I feel so bad because I let you down and you trusted I would take care of this.

    Something we discussed in the meeting was how Jiujitsu can can help clear your mind to be able to work more optimally and with greater efficiency. This idea resonated with me after realizing the mistake I made. I looked back on my day and realized I ran around like a crazy person all day, didn't eat lunch or get fresh air or take a breather.  Josh spoke about stepping away from the chess table - finding the sweet spot of studying chess 4 hours a day rather than 15 hours a day.

    I will double check to make sure we at least have the audio recorded.

    Again, so sorry.


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