Lessons in Simplicity - Simple, not Simpleton

    In their book "The Power of Simplicity", business authors Jack Trout and Steve Rivkin begin by asking why people fear simplicity so much.

    They conclude that it is because historically, people have feared being considered “simple-minded” or a “simpleton.” As a result of this negative association, people became conditioned to think that “complexity” offered a certain level of elevated status, and it was good. Trout and Rivkin call this "The Curse of Simple Simon."

    And it is a curse because it blinds people to the power of simplicity.

    It is important to be aware of this common association so that when we are making decisions, we don't dismiss the power of simplicity. Its important to realize that there is no inherent benefit in complexity, and while in most cases choosing "complexity" may satisfy one's own personal ego, it will come at a cost.

    Time, money, usability, and efficiency just to name a few.

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