Letter of Thanks from a Grateful Customer

    M5's mission is to provide phone systems and applications with an experience that businesses love.  We spend a lot of time and care trying to describe that experience in this blog.  My favorite posts are ones like today's.  Our customer, Abigail Colòn from Merchant Business Alliance, has done it for us.  She was kind enough to send us a note about her experience working with Account Advocate, Michael Curasi.  Her letter is printed in its entirety.  Thanks Abigail!

    To whom it may concern,

    I am taking this time out to really highlight what a wonderful employee you have in Michael Curasi. I have no words to really describe how Michael has taken customer service to another level. I really do not know what I would have done if Michael were not helping me in my set up. He took it upon himself to go outside of what was expected to ensure we were set up and working properly. He really cares about his customers and their business. He went above and beyond helping me in my plight to have our business toll free number set up even when there were third parties not willing to cooperate. Michael even called them up to try and help and get them to possibly do their end. If it were not for Michael and his quick thinking and actions, I know we would have lost more business.

    It is people like Michael that lets me know there are companies out there that still care about offering exemplary customer service, that unfortunately really doesn’t exist anymore. I am a true loyal customer now and because of Michael will always recommend your service to future partners. I thank you for hiring Michael and seeing what an outstanding asset he could be and is. I can go on and on about how great he is but I would truly have to write a book.

    I will end with thank you Michael. For actually caring and being such an outstanding help. I will recommend you anytime and hey even try to steal you from M5! Then again I would be doing an injustice for all the other customers that would benefit from you. I wish you well and hope this letter helps your superiors see what a great employee they have working for them.

    Abigail Colón

    About Merchant Business Alliance

    Based in New York, NY, Merchant Business Alliance (MBA) is a national merchant service provider dedicated to serving customers, employees, and the community.  Their electronic payment solutions can be used to accept payments via Web, Retail, Mail Order, and Mobile Devices. Merchant Business Alliance provides companies with everything they need to make accepting credit cards as easy and cost efficient as possible.

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