Live from Enterprise Connect – A Mobile Life Time Experience

    Sometimes in your life, you realize that technology can really have a big impact in your life. This week at Enterprise Connect in Orlando, Fla., the ShoreTel booth is packed with people having an opportunity to see our latest solutions.

    They looked at our enterprise contact center solutions that demonstrate how a customer can interact with an agent via the phone or web chat.  But the real excitement was to see how people learned about our new ShoreTel Mobility solutions and ShoreTel solutions for the Apple iPad, just like the iPad I’m using right now at the table to right this blog. It’s very cool to see the facial expressions of people being able to share a presentation from their iPad with people viewing the slides on a PC. It makes people feel like they’re experiencing something new for the first time.

    This show has been a real eye opener for me, because it is the first time in my life that I have attended a tradeshow without a laptop PC. It may sound strange, but it’s changed the way I feel about technology, because it made my life just a little easier not having to lug around a heavy case and wait for a PC to start up.  And I can even use VDI to connect to a server and work on native Microsoft Office files. The ShoreTel addition for voice and collaboration just gives us two more reasons to use technology in new ways. In fact, every analyst and press briefing we did in New York before the launch of our ShoreTel Mobility solutions for the iPad show was also given from my iPad. And last night I used the ShoreTel Mobility in my hotel room to place a call to one of our contractors using my ShoreTel Sunnyvale caller ID. Now, if only they could invent that Star Trek transporter that could beam me back home and avoid a six-hour flight when the conference ends. Until then, I’ll take every little thing that helps make life just a little easier.

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