M5 Callfinity Contact Center Success Story: New Inter-Queue Time Based Routing

    M5 – ShoreTel’s Cloud Division’s Operations implemented an Account Team structure to provide more personalized service to our clients as we continue to grow.  The objective is to retain and cultivate strong relationships with our clients and provide an experience that they love.  We were looking for ways to increase effectiveness of supporting our Account Teams by the primary agents aligned with the team.  The new M5 Callfinity Contact Center functionality that enables inter-queue time based routing provided exactly what we were seeking.

    The primary difference utilizing this functionality is the ability to contain calls within a specific queue and program the specific wait time before subsequent agents are offered the call.  The functionality used before allowed ranking to the agents but there were no time thresholds – it strictly looked for the most available agent in descending order.  The new functionality allows us to target our primary agents first with the call & only after a specified amount of elapsed time will it introduce the next tier of agents.  This is a huge move forward as feedback from premier clients who have more complex and specialized configurations have stated they would prefer waiting a bit longer to get an experienced agent to assist them.  This new approach enables that strategy!

    Time Thresholds set in Provisioning based on Priority Overflow Time (sec) applied. In example above, interval set for 10 seconds
    0 = call immediately available to this group
    3 = call also becomes available to this group if not answered within 30 seconds
    14 = call also becomes available to this group if not answered within 140 seconds

    Another major benefit of this new approach is total containment of who has the potential to be presented a call.  Historically we used an overflow queue if after a certain amount of time the call was not answered.  This was a good strategy to broaden the pool of agents so clients did not have to wait as long but it had the downside of presenting new agents calls from our enterprise clients with extremely complex and unique set ups.  This proved to be both a client and employee dissatisfier.

    Within the new structure, we now have the amazing flexibility to add in the specific individuals at the precise time threshold to be presented the calls.  This means that the scenario mentioned above will never happen again when the client calls directly to their assigned account team.  (We are still working on an approach to get cell phone callers and those who call in through our main support number to their correct account teams.)


    • Most qualified agents are set at lower priority to best serve clients
    • Tiered approach enables flexibility to best optimize staff based on skill set
    • Contains type of calls new agents are presented – those not qualified are not added to the queue
    • Improves overall service level and individual queue performance and quality

    Another major win is the improvement in service level delivery across the entire queue structure for Support.  With this new functionally, agents who support multiple teams are added at the proper time thresholds for the various queues to provide the needed balance.  An example of this is for our enterprise clients, the volume is lower so agents also back up other queues so we do not sub-optimize staff; however, we want them to be available when those calls come in.  Now we assign them in higher time thresholds for their back up queues, which helps keep them more available for their primary calls.  The overall result has been increased service level performance in all the queues by 5%, comparing March to April results when changes were introduced.  Talk Time has also trended down and the overall customer experience has improved since new agents are not being presented calls they are not yet ready to effectively handle with the highest quality results we and our clients expect.

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