Eliminating the Ceiling of Complexity and Competition for ShoreTel Partners

Straight Facts, No Bull!

Customers did not ask for network assessments, disruption due to cabling, rip and replace a LAN foundation, long planning and deployment cycles, before they could realize the benefits of IP telephony and Unified Communications.

Partners did not ask for longer sales and deployment cycles with no two LAN’s being alike creating margin risk and brand risk by having the quality of their voice offering dependent on a data LAN managed by their competition.

The only benefactor of having voice layered on a data LAN is the data switch manufacturers introducing complexity resulting in customer dependency (higher ongoing maintenance costs) and putting you, their competition at a disadvantage. Would you not agree that the market leader position in the world of IP telephony comes from the fact that they control the network foundation that you and the customer is dependent on allowing them to influence the decision and bundle an offering?

Or do you think they have a better offering than your ShoreTel UC solution?

The disadvantage becomes more apparent with larger opportunities. The more end points, the greater the complexity and the greater the competition from the data network provider. Many ShoreTel partners face the ceiling of complexity and competition every day, but that is all changing as we speak with more and more ShoreTel partners breaking through the ceiling – winning larger deals with a new innovation eliminating LAN barriers and leveling the playing field for you.

Why so long for Innovation to address the LAN challenge for customers and partners?

For hundreds of years, technology innovations have been introduced to solve problems for customers. So why did you have to wait so long for a product like the UniPhyer, which was introduced to eliminate all the LAN barriers for customers? Simple, the data switch industry had no interest in such an innovation that would eliminate the competitive advantage they had.

The UniPhyer is the only switch in the world to deliver Ethernet and Power over a single pair of telephony-grade wire with reach of over 1,200 ft. This means customer can optimize the LAN creating a physical separate IP path for voice leveraging the proven reliable point-to-point topology of the existing voice infrastructure.

One Network, Two Paths, No Compromise.

Better for Your Customer, Better for You!

For the customer - gone is the risks of assessments, disruption, rip and replace networks, and cost over runs and long cycles. They are in control with a graceful, risk free, lower cost method of optimizing the LAN with guaranteed quality of service.

For You – Shorter sales and deployment cycles, a deterministic model ensure margin and brand value with a great customer experience, and most importantly the ability to break through the ceiling of complexity and competition and go after the larger opportunities with confidence.

Adopting Change is difficult.

It is human nature to resist change, especially when you’re busy in the “thick of thin things,” trying to put out the fires of today and yesterday. Benjamin Franklin once said, “When you're finished changing, you're finished.”

The UniPhyer is introducing a positive change for customers, you and ShoreTel – introducing a new and better way to optimize the LAN for convergence while future proofing it when customers data needs evolve. Download Future Proofing Your LAN and review with an open mind and you will see the business and strategic value is greater than the technology value to both you and your customer.


John Croce is CEO of Phybridge. By using a Phybridge UniPhyer, organizations can create a repeatable, predictable, scalable deployment process that eliminates LAN readiness barriers and helps ensure a smooth transition to IP telephony.

Some of the individuals posting to this site, including the moderators, work for ShoreTel, Inc. Opinions expressed here and in any corresponding comments are the personal opinions of the original authors, not of ShoreTel. The content is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to be an endorsement or representation by ShoreTel or any other party.


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