M5 Client Bonobos Featured in TIME

    Check out Bonobos in TIME's Thinking Big feature! Nice work guys!

    Dunn and his Stanford housemate and best friend Brian Spaly co-founded Bonobos — whimsically named after a particularly promiscuous primate — in 2007 with a vision to do men's clothing differently. The company is firmly focused on fit (Spaly designed the pants with a curved waistband and slimmer thighs to prevent the bunching of fabric in the rear, or "khaki diaper butt"), but the slacks, which come in a rainbow of colors beyond khaki, cannot be tried on in stores. Everything is done through the Web, though this isn't just Zappos for nice pants. Bonobos is now launching a plan to bring "mobile fit pods", or portable, collapsible, dressing rooms to airports, train stations, corporations, college tailgates, beach parties, and farmer's markets — wherever the potential customers are — to get guys measured by its experts (so-called style ninjas), who will then direct them to the website.

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