M5 customer rings the Nasdaq bell - livin' the dream

    It's really cool that my good friend and long time (6+ years) customer, Pete Kadens, is ringing the bell at the Nasdaq tomorrow morning. It's one of my life dreams, somewhere between flying in a Russian MIG-29 and helicopter skiing in Switzerland.

    Pete started his previous company, Acquirent (www.acquirent.com), right about the time I started mine (Geckotech, aka M5 Chicago) and realized early on that he had no interest in building or maintaining a phone system. His business was to provide outsourced sales operations for companies that didn't want to build a sales organization - so he got the outsourcing model. No brainer.

    His newest company, SoCore Energy (www.socoreenergy.com) is only a couple years old (and of course using our IP phones) and provides an innovative solar panel rental program for property owners. The board is stacked with big names so they'll probably go public and Pete will be able to say he rang the bell twice before me. The company won an award recently (2010 Chicago Innovation Award) and all the winners will be ringing the Nasdaq bell tomorrow morning. Check out CNBC at 9:30 eastern and look for the guy holding the sign that says "I Love Hosted VoIP".

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