M5 Employee Spotlight: RIT Alum Greg Koch Talks About Working at M5

    M5 Networks has had some fantastic alumni from Rochester Institute of Technology join our staff. In their own words, here is why they love to work at M5.

    "Rochester Institute of Technology has a lot of excellent ties to other schools and employers, both local and global. They have a reputation of excellence in the academic world, and each year, employers flock to the University’s career fair to find the talent needed to help their businesses grow and succeed. The floor of the Gordon Field House becomes a swarm of students handing out resumes to recruiters for companies all over the country.

    At the spring 2010 career fair, even though I hadn’t finished my graduate program yet, I was one of those busy bees flying through the field house, when I stumbled upon the M5 Networks booth. I spoke with a few people at the M5 booth, who were not only recruiters, but also my potential co-workers and bosses. I was immediately impressed with the opportunities presented to me, and I felt like I would be able to use the skills I was developing in my courses.

    A few weeks later, in June 2010, I started working as a Tier 1 Support Representative at M5. I began learning about M5 and the systems that make our Hosted, Managed, VoIP service the best in the industry. I’ve worked with IP telephony in the past, and many of the systems are so difficult to setup and maintain. M5 makes it easier by managing the systems and connectivity; all our clients need are the phone and the wall-jack. This means there are a lot of things M5 needs to keep its eyes on –circuits, routers, servers, databases, the list goes on. Each day I came to work, I would learn something new, but it was especially exciting when I would do something that I learned in class last quarter or even last week! It was refreshing to find a company that understands the value of education and can identify a position in which a student can excel. M5 worked with my schedule while I was still attending classes and allowed me to strengthen the skills I was gaining in my assignments and projects at RIT.

    I transitioned from a Tier 1 Support Representative to a Tier 2 Support Representative six months later, and I began fielding escalations for larger clients with more complicated setups. This position was even more challenging, but it made my work day fun, because I had something new to play detective with every day.

    A few months after, I applied for a QA Engineer position. Because of my experience in the front lines of M5 Support, my comfort level with M5’s tools, my knowledge of M5’s Call Conductor platform, and my education, I was a good candidate for this position. I soon found myself moving to New York City, where M5’s headquarters are located, just a year after starting with M5 Networks.

    In one year, I have never been presented with so many career-advancing opportunities and had as much fun doing it as I have when working with M5. I am excited to see what my future at M5 has in store for me." - Greg Koch

    Greg Koch is graduating in 2011 with a Masters of Science in Information Technology. Starting as a Support Rep in 2010, he has since been promoted to a Senior QA Engineer role in our Engineering department.

    If you would like to learn more about M5 Networks as an employer, you can view our open job listings, or come see us at the RIT Career Fair September 28th and 29th at the Gordon Field House.

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