M5 Employee Spotlight: RIT Alum Kyle Dawson Talks About Working at M5

    M5 Networks has had some fantastic alumni from Rochester Institute of Technology join our staff. In their own words, here is why they love to work at M5.

    "When I graduated from RIT in 2009, it was extremely difficult to find a job that fit well with my major, Management Information Systems, in the Rochester area. In order to keep myself going, I took a job as a Support Technician at a local outsourcing company. Around the start of 2010, one of my good work buddies there took a job at M5, and I heard nothing but the best from him about M5. Four months later, when he referred me to start at M5, I was ecstatic!

    Right from the first interview, I knew M5 would be an awesome place to work. It was clearly defined then that the Support team was a feeding ground for the rest of the company. I was shown the multiple career paths I could take, and I knew that there was nothing that could really hold me back from taking those career paths except for my own lack of effort.  From the start I knew I was interested in the front end of the business on either the Project Management or Account Management team. I was hired in late April to the Support team, and I could tell right away my managers were molding me and guiding me to become a great Project/Account Manager.

    After 6 months of working on the Support team, I was brought into a team lead role in which I handled new hire training, escalations, and internal support for M5’s Support team. M5’s confidence in me to step up and take on this position when I was so new to the company really boosted my own confidence and work ethic. Soon I was getting interests from many different departments throughout M5, including staying in Support with a potential in internal management. All-in-all, I stuck to my guns and accepted an offer to join the Implementations team as a Project Manager in July of 2011.

    I am currently in a specialized project management role, in which I manage the accounts of all of the old legacy M5 clients (about 12,000 end users) and also migrate these legacy clients to M5’s new call manager platform. For the short time I have been at M5, I have had a blast every single day, and I love the fact that I was given the opportunity to advance my career so quickly. I don’t think I could have done this anywhere else, as M5 is so focused on internal growth and  all of its employees’ career path opportunities." - Kyle Dawson

    Kyle Dawson graduated in 2009 with a degree in Management Information Systems. Starting as a Support Rep in 2010, he has since been promoted to a Project Manager role in our Implementations department.

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