M5 Employee Spotlight: RIT Alum Luz Ramirez Talks About Working at M5

    M5 Networks has had some fantastic alumni from Rochester Institute of Technology join our staff. In their own words, here is why they love to work at M5.

    "One thing I love about M5 is its dedication to being honest and earning trust. Trustworthiness is a fundamental part of the culture of M5, and from the beginning I was able to notice this.

    I began my M5 journey by speaking to a friend of mine who was already working for the company.  He let me know about the atmosphere and about the opportunity to move up within the company.  He prompted me to speak with M5 during the RIT fall career fair because of his genuine love of the company.  When a close friend raves about his work place, I have to listen..

    At the RIT career fair, I spoke with some engineers and with the VP of Marketing.  I told the VP about my education and interest in joining the M5 Marketing team.  She let me know that she would prefer that I work with the Support team for a while to learn the product before joining the team.  After all,  I would need to know the product before I could successfully market it.

    Though I was bummed that I wouldn’t immediately begin in the Marketing department, I trusted her recommendation and began working for the Support team in November.  The months that I worked with Support were extremely valuable, as I really got to understand the product and the technology behind it.  I also spoke to many customers and gained an understanding of their pain points and needs.

    After a few months, I began speaking to the Marketing team about being ready to move to NYC and join the team, and we made it official in June of this year.

    In this new role, I have been able to use my education from RIT and my experience in Support to plan and execute some of our successful campaigns.  I am excited to be doing what I love in a city that I love, but most of all, I am happy  to be working for a company that is honest.

    I took a leap of faith and trusted a recommendation made at the career fair, and every day I love to see how much it actually paid off." - Luz Ramirez

    Luz Ramirez graduated in 2010 with a degree in Marketing. Starting as a Support Rep in 2010, she has since been promoted to a Marketing and Events Coordinator role in our Marketing department.

    If you would like to learn more about M5 Networks as an employer, you can view our open job listings, or come see us at the RIT Career Fair September 28th and 29th at the Gordon Field House.

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