M5 Ideas! It’s not just a suggestion box.

    When was the last time you heard this, “That’s a good idea!” Let’s face it, everything that has ever been anything began as nothing more than an idea, a premise. Ideas change the market, ideas drive demand, they solve problems, and they create. That’s why M5 has launched M5 Ideas, a highly-managed digital suggestion box that will enable our clients to collaborate on products and services.

    There are three main user functions – posting, voting, and commenting or discussing.

    • Post: Users will post their suggestions or ideas into a specified community.

    • Vote: Users are able to vote for any ideas that are posted by promoting the ideas they like the most.

    • Discuss: Users may also comment on each other’s submissions, refining them and creating an organized free flow of ideas.

    With the help of our customers we will become more proactive and more responsive to the market.

    We have also launched M5 Ideas internally. An experiment in corporate democracy, our employees can vote for changes in internal processes, product direction and additions to our M5 Culture via their own M5 Ideas forum. Many of the submissions, such as bulk downloading for M5 Replay, have already become part of our products and services.

    We’re excited about M5 Ideas, and we hope you are too! Haven't checked it out yet? Login to Service Portal to add your voice, or contact support and make a feature enhancement request today.

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