M5 leverages collaboration to improve cloud services

    Cloud communications leader M5 Networks announced in a press release that it will be introducing a digital "suggestion box" to allows users to contribute to future phone system service improvements. This new endeavor will be powered by Salesforce.com and encourage ideas, discussion and voting. Clients of M5 will be able to submit ideas in one of four categories: product or feature enhancements, M5 Portal suggestions or requests, customer service suggestions and new product concepts.

    While the primary function of this platform, called M5 Ideas, is to post, vote on and discuss suggests, but more importantly it may also help improve the company's image.

    "It is not only corporate democracy in action, allowing users to vote for or against ideas, but paying attention to the ideas that bubble to the top will help M5 innovate in a way that is consistent with what our customers really want," said Jeff Valentine, senior VP or product marketing at M5.

    This new feature may not only help to improve M5's solutions for cloud VoIP and unified communications, but could also bring about new and innovative services thought up by clients and users that would have been missed by developers within the company.

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