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    Some great coverage for us showed up the other day on msnbc.com as part of a post on how to keep employees engaged and satisfied during tough times. Last year, we ran an employee engagement program called M5 Rock. We split up into ten cross-functional teams from all over our company that collaborated on everything from lighthearted scavenger hunts to enterprise issues, such as business plans for new products. The program ran for a full year, and led to a marked increase in both employee and customer satisfaction scores for us, as well as a terrific feeling of camaraderie around the office. It's great to hear that M5 Rock is now being used as an example for other firms to follow!

    Wanted: Fully Engaged Employees

    How do you get your employees engaged in unsettled times?

    Last year, when the economy was dragging and stress levels were soaring, New York-based telecommunications firm M5 Networks Inc. launched a year-long team growth program, "M5 Rock." The company's 100 employees were divided into 10 cross-functional teams from different parts of the organization, says president and CEO Dan Hoffman. In addition to competing in scavenger hunts and other teambuilding activities, the teams worked together on business issues such as developing new sales pitches and writing business plans for new products. Being asked for feedback and seeing that their ideas were valued led employees to become more invested in their jobs. After the program's end, Hoffman saw a 10-point increase on customer satisfaction surveys, as well as increases in employee satisfaction surveys.

    "When you ask employees for their input in solving business issues, it is absolutely amazing what they will come up with," Durkin says.

    via How to keep your employees engaged - msnbc.com. Posted by Nancy Mann Jackson.

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