M5 Networks Announces Client Win InvestLink: Utilizing M5’s Business VoIP Solution and Salesforce Integration

    NEW YORK, NY(Feb. 3rd, 2009)-M5 Networks, market leader in business phone systems utilizing VoIP technology, announces today that InvestLink Technologies, LLC, a leading software developer for Third Party Administrators (TPAs), chose M5’s hosted VoIP phone system for all locations serving staff in New York, Massachusetts, Texas and Tennessee.

    InvestLink Technologies, LLC markets a technology called TSM.Net, a browser-based recordkeeping, information processing, and administration product specifically developed for the Defined Contribution industry. TSM.Net is sold to pension administrators as a hosted ASP 401k administration and training product.

    InvestLink chose M5 Networks’ hosted VoIP solution last month and has been taking advantage of M5’s integration with Salesforce. Executives at InvestLink are also utilizing
    M5 Scribe to transcribe all voicemail messages. The company has already experienced cost savings resulting from the stable monthly bill based on the number of phone profiles. Salesforce integration and Scribe have also saved time and helped boost productivity. The M5 support team and M5 system designer Amanda Hughes orchestrated a flawless transition from InvestLink’s previous provider, executing excellent customer care and service.

    CEO of InvestLink Tim Slavin remarked, “We are a technology company and so is M5, so it is a joy to work with them. They understand our needs and deliver them. The support we receive is responsive and knowledgeable. We have real-time data and metrics that help us analyze our business, and in just a month we’ve seen significant cost saving.”

    About InvestLink

    InvestLink Technologies, LLC is a technology firm providing a wide range of technological support and solutions for Third Party Administrators (TPAs) in the Defined Contribution industry. TSM.Net, InvestLink’s technology platform, is delivered via an Application Service Provider (ASP) and features a complete open architecture that is customizable. InvestLink’s technology is designed to meet the needs of both small and large TPAs. InvestLink is headquartered in New York City. For more information about InvestLink, visit www.invlink.com.

    About M5

    M5 Networks provides business-strength Voice-over-IP phone systems delivered as a disaster-proof Internet-based hosted service. M5's delivery model facilitates the rapid deployment of advanced phone system functionality and drives a consistent voice experience as businesses become increasingly dispersed, malleable and 24/7. M5's simple pricing model offers companies a low cost-of-entry to a feature set that has traditionally required large capital expenditure and dedicated IT resources. Customers offload phone system support and maintenance hassles to M5's experts. As an Internet-based application, M5's voice platform frees all voice-related data and commands to mash with other applications, driving business intelligence, improving customer service, and enhancing enterprise application effectiveness. M5 has over 900 customers, numerous industry awards and recognitions, and is headquartered in New York City. To learn more about M5, please visit www.shoretelsky.com.

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