M5 Networks Announces M5 Ideas

    Digital Suggestion Box Encourages Collaboration with Clients on Company Products, Services

    New York (February 22, 2012) — M5 Networks (www.shoretelsky.com), the market leader in cloud communications for business, today announced the introduction of M5 Ideas, a highly-managed digital suggestion box that will enable M5 clients to collaborate on products  and services provided by the company.  The latest example of M5’s commitment to providing an outstanding customer experience, M5 Ideas will enable M5 to better identify client needs, while providing insight into developing trends in the Voice-over-IP (VoIP) industry.

    Powered by Salesforce.com and accessible through the Service Portal, M5 clients will be able to use M5 Ideas to offer their opinions on one of the following four categories:

    • Product or Feature Enhancements

    • M5 Portal Suggestions or Requests

    • Customer  Service Suggestions

    • New Product  Concepts

    Within each category, M5 clients will find three main user functions – posting, voting, and commenting or discussing.

    • Post: Users will post their suggestions or ideas into a specified community. After posting, the user will receive an e-mail with an overview of the “Ideas” experience and what they can expect regarding their submission.

    • Vote: Users are able to vote for any ideas that are posted by promoting the ideas they like the most.

    • Discuss: Users may also comment on each other’s submissions, refining them and creating an organized free flow of ideas.

    “M5 Ideas is a real game changer for our company and for our industry as a whole,” said Jeff Valentine, M5 Networks Senior VP of Product Marketing.  “It’s not only corporate democracy in action, allowing users to vote for or against ideas, but paying attention to the ideas that bubble to the top will help M5 innovate in a way that is consistent with what our customers really want.”

    With M5 Ideas, the company seeks to build on their existing customer oriented foundation, which includes dedicated Account Teams, real-time publication of customer sentiment, and one button access to customer support.


    About M5 Networks

     M5 Networks is a cloud communications company and a recognized leader in cloud based business phone systems.  While other companies have added voice service as an afterthought, voice is the core of M5’s business.  M5’s advantage comes from a combination of their own phone system software and expert professionals focused on customer success. The result is an easy to use, well-managed system, where clients harness powerful unified communications features and achieve real business impact.   More than 2000 companies nationwide rely on M5’s award-winning phone service.



    Matthew Caldecutt / Courtney Greenberg

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