M5 Networks Announces M5 Labs, A Technology Preview Opportunity For Clients

    New York, NY (November 1, 2011) — M5 Networks, the market leader in business phone systems, announced today the launch of M5 Labs, a technology preview opportunity for clients. Products and features in varying stages of development will be made available from time to time. Some will be very near release and others will be ideas that may never make it to production. These technologies will be available to M5 customers at no charge during the Labs period.

    “We think Google has the right idea on this one,” said Jeff Valentine, Senior Vice President of Product at M5. “Because we own our own technology at M5 and build software from scratch, we can lead the rest of the market with the latest innovations in cloud communications. M5 Labs is our way to expose interested customers to these new products and get real world feedback on which features really excite them and which ones need more work.”

    M5 Labs is launching with two products related to unified communications and mobility, M5 Mobility for iPhone and M5 Connect for Apple Address Book.

    M5 Mobility for iPhone

    M5 Mobility for iPhone turns an Apple iPhone into an extension of the user’s M5 Networks phone system. Clients can use the iPhone to make and receive calls while presenting their business identity. Call recipients will see the M5 business phone number, rather than a private mobile number. Key features of M5 Mobility for iPhone include; integration with iPhone Contacts, speed dial, speaker phone, mute, hold and Do Not Disturb.

    M5 Connect for Apple Address Book

    Another benefit of M5 Labs is that it gives the company a method to respond quickly to customer requests for products or features without a complete commercialization process. M5 Connect for Apple Address Book, which allows users to click on a contact number to dial their M5 phone, is a good example.

    “Our team uses Macs exclusively. When we first signed up with M5 in 2003, we saw the click-to-dial feature for Outlook and have always wanted to be able to do that from our Mac address book,” said James Rinzler of the Law Firm, Kagan Lubic Lepper Lewis Gold & Colbert. “I mentioned it several weeks ago and within a couple of days it was available in M5 Labs. It’s great.”

    Products available in M5 Labs will be announced in the monthly M5 FYI Newsletter and will be available through the M5 Service Portal. For more information about M5 Labs visit /products.

    About M5 Networks

    M5 Networks, the market leader in business phone systems, is redefining what a business phone system can do by offering a wide range of solutions for all types of businesses and needs. From managing a sales force to a call center, M5 Networks’ client-focused, cloud-based solutions allow businesses to work the way they want to, while connecting them to their customers and integrating their business-critical applications. Headquartered in New York City, industry-award winning M5 Networks pioneered hosted VoIP in 2000 and today provides more than 2,000 companies with enterprise-class phone systems. For more information, please visit www.shoretelsky.com.



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