M5 Networks Announces Next-Generation Contact Center Solution – M5 Callfinity Contact Center

    New York, NY (September 29, 2011) — M5 Networks (www.shoretelsky.com), the market leader in business phone systems, announced today the launch of M5 Callfinity Contact Center, providing digital call-center functionality for its business clients and eliminating the need for an on-premise solution.

    “Successful companies realize that an integrated contact center will not only result in a more efficient business, but will also facilitate customer interaction with products and reinforce the company brand,” said Dan Hoffman, CEO of M5.  “Customers who are satisfied with their call-support experience are more likely to become loyal repeat customers and enhance an organization’s reputation by sharing their positive experience with colleagues.”

    With M5 Callfinity Contact Center, M5’s clients can quickly respond to inbound calls from customers, use real-time monitoring to ensure staffing matches call volumes, and seamlessly handle unexpected spikes in phone activity.  M5 Callfinity Contact Center features include:

    •  Built-in call recording for 100% capture of a business’ queued calls

    • An online forms designer to create evaluation forms for scoring agents

    • Support for Salesforce, Netsuite, and other popular CRM applications

    • Seamless overflow from the contact center to any enterprise employee, from product managers to administrative assistants, when call volumes spike

    • Self-service administration via an easy to use web-based portal, including live dashboards and reports

    “We selected the M5 Callfinity Contact Center solution because it gives us the detailed information we need to understand how our rapidly growing call center is performing.  The information is easy to access and immediate,” said Bruce Buchanan, President of Indecs Corp., a leading, customer-service focused, employee benefit claims processing center.   “In addition, the training tools help our supervisors improve the techniques of our current team and will be the key to getting new representatives up and running quickly.”

    The extension of the benefits of contact center technology offers businesses the ability to achieve a higher level of customer support throughout their organizations, not just in the contact centers.

    “Bundled is better.  Our contact center product combines the benefits of a managed business phone system with the best cloud-based contact center technology,” said Jeff Valentine, Senior Vice President of Product at M5 Networks.  “Why would any business want to keep their contact center technology separate from the rest of the enterprise?”

    M5 Callfinity Contact Center is the latest version of M5's contact center offering and combines work from both the existing platform and the acquisition of Rochester, New York-based Callfinity, Inc. in April 2011.

    For more information about M5 Callfinity Contact Center, please visit  /products/m5-callfinity-contact-center/.

    About M5 Networks

    M5 Networks, the market leader in business phone systems, is redefining what a business phone system can do by offering a wide range of solutions for all types of businesses and needs.  From managing a sales force to a call center, M5 Networks’ client-focused, cloud-based solutions allow businesses to work the way they want to, while connecting them to their customers and integrating their business-critical applications.  Headquartered in New York City, industry-award winning M5 Networks pioneered hosted VoIP in 2000 and today provides more than 1,800 companies with enterprise-class phone systems.  For more information, please visit www.shoretelsky.com.  



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