M5 Networks Celebrates 10 Years of VoIP Innovation with Launch of New, Smart Business Phone System

    As part of its 10th anniversary celebration, M5 Networks, the market leader in hosted business VoIP telephone systems, today announced the formal launch of its new hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software platform, M5's Smart Business Phone System. "Over the last decade, our clients have transformed their business operations with our pioneering hosted model, and now they're ready for the next leap forward," said Dan Hoffman, CEO of M5 Networks.

    In the past, M5 delivered its service by using Broadsoft's phone system software. Today, M5 concludes its five-year "stealth-mode" project to develop its own software more tailored to the needs of its business customers. M5's Smart Business Phone System has already been delivering service on behalf of more than 20,000 end-users working in hundreds of mid-size businesses, adding thousands of new clients and facilitating conversions from its older platforms every month.

    "While many businesses are turning to hosted systems to drive costs down, mid-size firms that compete on service and rely on phones want and need more," said Hoffman. "Today's work environment has changed. Adding more calling features to the hairball of mostly unused features isn't getting much for anyone. Businesses need simplified usability for the most critical features. Most importantly, however, they need a phone system that can integrate its real-time data with other enterprise applications, as well as be a platform for new communications applications. We needed to overhaul the model."

    M5's Smart Business Phone System packages several technology components. Call Conductor, a highly available platform for processing high-quality voice call-flow for a business, is the foundation of the architecture. M5's ActiveService™ technology interprets real-time business data and drives the proactive, end-user-focused service needed to achieve feature adoption. Finally, a CSTA-compliant API and integration framework enables cloud-based connections to other strategic business applications like leading CRM packages, Call Center technology, or home-grown software systems.

    By controlling its own technology platform end-to-end, M5 has the advantage of being nimble. Software implementations can be easily tailored to meet the specific needs of individual customers and vertical industries. "It is a great feeling to be able to listen to client requests and then implement these real, business-impacting ideas into software," said Hoffman.

    John Ziegler, CEO of Biscuits and Bath, comments, "We weren't getting any benefits out of our phone system. Within two months of deploying M5, we saw a 19% increase in sales. Staff work faster and deliver higher levels of service. The real-time intelligence lets us see activity clearly, across five locations and in real-time. We refined our processes quickly, and achieved a big boost."

    David Schnurman, founder of Lawline, Inc. adds, "Features like click-to-dial made my team more productive, but more than that, I had visibility into sales activity that I never had before. M5 enabled me to build a predictable sales machine that I could confidently scale up to almost ten times the size it was before M5."

    Hoffman notes, "Our list of more than 1,100 satisfied customers includes some of the most discriminating and demanding organizations in the country, including a number of cutting-edge, hi-tech media companies. Our clients include Amnesty International, West Point Military Academy, and Third Avenue Funds, to name just a few. Our Smart Business Phone System allows us to affordably drive use of advanced voice applications that can give businesses a competitive edge."

    For more information about M5 Networks' industry-leading VoIP phone systems for business, visit www.shoretelsky.com.

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