M5 Networks Establishes a Partnership with Simpar International

    NEW YORK, Aug. 5 -- M5 Networks, Inc., the market leader in smart business phone systems using VoIP technology, has entered a partnership with Simpar International, Inc. to deliver voice service to corporations in the US. The partnership with SIMPAR International will leverage both organizations' expertise and client bases for even heavier penetration into professional entities.

    "Teaming with SIMPAR International adds a new dimension to the M5 offering and provides an expanded synergy for all the firms we are servicing in the US. With the resources of SIMPAR International we can now offer a turnkey solution that is designed specifically for corporations regardless of size or technical sophistication," says Jim Kanir, M5's Chief Revenue Officer.

    SIMPAR, founded in 2004, provides a total IT solution to businesses in the US. SIMPAR designs and integrates technology solutions through innovation that transforms clients' technical environments. These services focus on systems architecture, integration, and infrastructure. They are closely allied with support services that are directly tied to the clients' organizational and strategic priorities.

    Headquartered in New York, SIMPAR's dedicated team has accumulated more than 50 years of computer, security, networking, and telecommunications experience. This provides their staff with the combined knowledge and experience to answer client's business and technology requirements.

    SIMPAR collaborates with strategic alliance partners to help address their clients' issues. They have formed these partnerships to enable them to recommend solutions that meet the client's business goals and objectives, budgetary requirements and technology needs.

    New York City-based M5 Networks has had a growing presence in the US with active adoption of the M5 system by progressive companies.

    SIMPAR International's President, Emanuel Reznic, believes that "With the addition of M5's smart business VoIP system to our offering we now have a total solution that extends beyond just the network infrastructure."

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