M5 Networks Gives Businesses Visibility into Sales Processes with New Voice as a Service Solution

    Andiamo Partners Uses M5’s Sales Engine to Track Sales Team Productivity and Manage Production-Volume Calling

    New York –M5 Networks, the market leader in delivering phone system functionality as a service, today announced that Andiamo Partners, a premier information technology staffing and consulting firm, has integrated M5’s newest On-Demand Solution, Sales Engine, for improved visibility into the performance of its sales and recruiting team. A component of M5’s innovative Voice as a Service (VaaS) model, M5 Sales Engine enables sales managers at mid-sized businesses from diverse industries to report about and plan sales operations with greater confidence.

    New York-based Andiamo Partners relies heavily on voice communications for the majority of its business – in 2007, over 73 percent of the company’s revenue came from candidates and clients that were recruited via cold calls. M5 Sales Engine allows Andiamo to analyze outbound call flows using call metrics such as call volume, duration and frequency. As a result, Andiamo is able to create customized reports that allow managers to identify how many minutes each person is on the phone with clients, giving the company better insight into how its sales staff perform.

    “Since we've started using Sales Engine and reporting the outbound call numbers to the group on a weekly basis, we've seen an average increase of 5 percent in call volume in sales and 6 percent call volume in recruiting over the previous month,” said Sarah Szpaichler, Director of Operations at Andiamo Partners. “We're looking forward to being able to easily compare monthly and weekly data over the next few months as we're able to define benchmarks and projections better with the information we see on-demand from Sales Engine.”

    M5 Sales Engine gives sales managers insightful call data to help manage an active sales force by allowing them to track inbound and outbound calls by employee as well as the time and duration of those calls. M5 Sales Engine also provides indexing and tracking reports which provide a better understanding of sales productivity. All of this functionality is delivered in an easy-to-use web interface that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each business.

    “Before Sales Engine, the raw data that we generated was very cumbersome to manage, so we largely ignored it,” said Szpaichler. “M5 Sales Engine has changed the way we analyze business operations, allowing us to focus on initiatives that are going to increase our productivity and bottom line.”

    “What M5 Sales Engine provides to mid-sized businesses is information that can actually transform the way sales organizations do business and give them an edge over the competition,” said Dan Hoffman, president and CEO of M5 Networks. “This is just one example of how M5 is changing the way businesses view and utilize voice communications.”

    About Andiamo Partners

    Headquartered in New York City, Andiamo Partners is a premiere information technology staffing and consulting firm, specializing in acquiring profoundly talented information technology resources on behalf of the world’s largest and most well-known securities firms.

    About M5 Networks

    M5 Networks is the pioneer of "Voice as a Service," a breakthrough solution for business phone communications. Industry experts tell us that in ten years, no business will have a phone system – they will require phone system capabilities as an on-demand, managed service over an IP network optimized for voice – in other words, Voice as a Service. Today M5 serves a rapidly growing base of mid-sized businesses. Our solution is distinguished by the rich capabilities and unmatched service that one would expect from an industry leader.

    M5‘s Voice as a Service (VaaS) includes three major components: Active Service Management, or proactive, transparent service from deployment through ongoing management and maintenance; Embedded Continuity, or “baked-in” business continuity that goes far beyond simple redundancy; and On-Demand Solutions, which provide actionable business breakthroughs for marketing, call center, staffing and client service functions.

    M5 Networks has received considerable recognition and was named to the 2006 Inc. 500 (#272) and both the 2006 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 (#54) and New York Technology Fast 50 (#5). M5 was recognized by CRN as one of the top 15 Key VoIP Players in 2007 and received Frost & Sullivan’s 2004 Entrepreneurial Company Award. M5 has also been included on the Pulver 100 list for six consecutive years and Fierce VoIP’s Fierce 15 list in 2005 in addition to receiving numerous other accolades. To learn more about M5, please visit http://www.shoretelsky.com.

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