M5 Networks Introduces Live Answer Service Metric

    Actionable intelligence To improve customer service and Impress Prospects

    New York (October 20, 2011) — M5 Networks (www.shoretelsky.com), the market leader in business phone systems, today announced the launch of Live Answer Service Metric, part of M5’s Intelligence package, giving business clients access to actionable intelligence about call-answer rates at their businesses.

    With the Live Answer Service Metric, M5 clients will be able to determine the exact number of calls that reach an employee, regardless of which line the customer calls or how many auto-attendants are used to direct the call.  For the first time, the entire enterprise will have access to this analytic tool, previously available only with sophisticated call center packages. In addition, users of this feature can:

    • Use an easy-to-read dashboard to identify abandoned call rates

    • Compare results between main lines and employee extensions

    • See how the company’s live answer rates compare to others

    • Drill down on specific calls to understand each caller’s experience

    • Find problems and correct them immediately

    “It’s no secret that people hate it when they try to call a business and are forced to work their way through an auto-attendant labyrinth, only to end up being greeted by voicemail,” said Brent Barbara, Vice President of Innovation and Integration for M5 Networks.  “This solution will enable our clients to see the rate at which calls are answered by a live person, and provide information that ensures they impress prospects and deliver on service commitments to their clients.”

    M5’s Live Answer Service Metric is available as part of the M5 Intelligence package, a suite of offerings that enables M5 clients to ensure that their phone system configuration is aligned with the business’ sales and service objectives and that it is being used to its full potential.

    “In our business, a single missed call can mean losing the chance to gain a new customer.   That’s why the Live Answer Service Metric is the first report I look at every day,” said Carmine Abruzzo, General Manager of Life Quality BMW.  “After just a few days of monitoring this report, it was clear that we were missing calls in the mornings.  We adjusted our staffing and can now be confident that we are providing the outstanding service that our customers and prospects expect.”

    Other products available as part of the M5 Intelligence package include; Talk Time, a powerful new approach to understanding what happens to a call, no matter how many times it may be transferred.  For more information, please visit /products/m5-portal/m5-intelligence/.

    About M5 Networks

    M5 Networks, the market leader in business phone systems, is redefining what a business phone system can do by offering a wide range of solutions for all types of businesses and needs.  From managing a sales force to a call center, M5 Networks’ client-focused, cloud-based solutions allow businesses to work the way they want to, while connecting them to their customers and integrating their business-critical applications.  Headquartered in New York City, industry-award winning M5 Networks pioneered hosted VoIP in 2000 and today provides more than 1,800 companies with enterprise-class phone systems.  For more information, please visit www.shoretelsky.com.  



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