M5 Networks Presents - The Battle of the Bands

    I'm nervous!  Tonight I have to sing in front of my closest friends, colleagues, and five rolling cameras. For a sneak preview, watch our Introduction video. Flashbacks to the last time I did this at the 4th grade holiday play.

    The adrenaline, the racing imagination - that's what learning feels like. It's uncomfortable. It can't happen without putting your body in a new and awkward place. It can't happen without the other people looking at you either. Learning is a team sport, and rarely happens when you are alone with your thoughts. Not a big fan of the Abe Lincoln myth.

    Learning is also a CEO's wish for more wishes. Fewer people that can do more. Staff that are energized and growing. A company that can keep up with the advance of technology and knowledge.

    Over 40 m5'rs took me up on the offer to take weekly music lessons in the office. They are putting it out there tonight as seven bands of newbies, students, learners compete in www.m5battleofthebands.com. Korg and school of rock loved the vision and piled on to help.

    Our clients are not assured by a company that claims to have all the answers. They are assured by a company that is always improving and listening and learning. And rocking. They are the real winners tonight!

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