M5 Networks' Remote Working Capabilities Allow Staff to Take Safety Precautions as Swine Flu Outbreak Advances

    NEW YORK, NY(Apr. 21st, 2009)-M5 Networks, market leader in business phone systems utilizing VoIP technology, announces today remote working capabilities provides staff members the opportunity to take precautions to prevent contraction of the Swine Flu.

    Reuters reports today that just two weeks after the flu threat emerged in Mexico, twenty countries worldwide have banned the import of pork and other meat in response to flu infections in humans and swine. In Egypt, officials have gone so far as to enforce mass slaughtering of swine to stave off the spread of new infections. New reported cases keep the fears of a possible pandemic alive.

    The protocol for governments and countries responding to pandemics is to provide vaccines and promote social distancing. Mexico has already banned public gatherings and closed schools in affected areas. If the Swine flu continues to spread as it has been and reaches pandemic level, businesses will be directly impacted.

    Dan Hoffman, CEO of M5 Networks commented, "One of the benefits of a VoIP business phone solution is remote working capability, because it's a cost effective solution for companies that provides staff greater flexibility, and it's a built in disaster recovery plan for offices. As the Swine Flu epidemic has shown, offering workers the ability to work from anywhere has proven useful for disease outbreaks as well."

    There is a palpable risk to businesses that the outbreak will interrupt normal business activities. The virus has all but brought Mexico City to a halt. Until predictions can be made as to how far the situation will escalate, businesses in New York City in particular are encouraged to disperse workforces as much as possible, and organizations that have the ability to support remote work should utilize it.

    About M5 Networks

    M5 Networks provides business-strength Voice-over-IP phone systems delivered as a disaster-proof hosted service. M5's delivery model facilitates the rapid deployment of advanced phone system functionality and drives a consistent voice experience as businesses become increasingly dispersed, malleable and 24/7. M5's simple pricing model offers companies a low cost-of-entry to a feature set that has traditionally required large capital expenditure and dedicated IT resources. Customers offload phone system support and maintenance hassles to M5's experts. M5's voice platform frees all voice-related data and commands to mash with other applications, driving business intelligence, improving customer service, and enhancing enterprise application effectiveness. With over 900 customers, M5 has numerous industry awards and recognitions and is headquartered in New York City. To learn more about M5, please visit www.shoretelsky.com

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