M5 Networks Unveils Plug-Ins for Call Conductor Platform Enabling Click-to-Dial From Any Web Page

    NEW YORK, July 20 /PRNewswire/ -- M5 Networks, Inc. today announced the debut of M5Connect for IE (Internet Explorer) and M5Connect for Firefox, two browser plug-ins for its hosted Call Conductor VoIP smart business phone platform. The plug-ins, available immediately to Call Conductor clients, give users click-to-dial capability for any phone number on any Web page and bring even greater productivity and ease to users who make frequent outbound calls.

    For telesales or inside sales reps who continually place calls using lists from Web-based applications or databases, M5Connect for IE and M5Connect for Firefox will increase efficiencies while saving both time and money. Click-to-dial can easily save 15 seconds over manual dialing. For workers who typically make 150 calls per day, that adds up to a savings of 37 minutes per day, three hours per week, or 12 hours per month.

    "M5 is committed to building a suite of voice-based applications that extend the capabilities of the smart business phone system," said Dan Hoffman, Chief Executive Officer of M5 Networks. "Most knowledge workers use a browser to access their work. Building a browser-based plug-in that allows our customers to dial from their browser-based applications was a logical choice."

    "A knowledge economy such as ours can greatly benefit from technology-based efficiencies," said Jamie Schwartz, President & COO of the Haley Stuart Group, a national staffing firm. "M5's click-to-dial enhancement is a classic example of how leveraging technology, in this case in a unified-desk setting, can greatly increase productivity and enhance efficiency."

    As a cloud application connected to Call Conductor, M5 Networks' award-winning, cloud-based computing system installation and use couldn't be easier. Firefox users simply drag-and-drop a single file onto the Firefox window, enter their M5 phone number and password, then start clicking and dialing right away. No local TAPI drivers or libraries are needed. Users have the option to selectively block and unblock their caller ID by left-clicking on the click-to-dial number to show their caller ID, or right-clicking to block it.

    "M5 Call Conductor customers sought the same kind of convenience provided by consumer VoIP products like Skype, and now they have it on their business-class platform," said Brent Barbara, VP of Client Solutions for M5 Networks. "M5Connect for IE and Firefox gives our clients a tool that measurably improves service and drives more sales."

    Together, M5Connect for IE and M5Connect for Firefox accommodate nearly 85 percent of total market share for the Web browser market. Future development plans for M5Connect will include solutions for Google's Chrome and Safari.

    To learn more about M5 Networks' M5Connect for IE and M5Connect for Firefox, or to obtain either plug-in, go to http://support.shoretelsky.com/index.php/Sky_Connect_for_Browser. Additional information about M5 Network's range of hosted VoIP business services can be found at www.shoretelsky.com.

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