M5 Receives INTERNET TELEPHONY Magazine's 12th Annual Product of the Year Award

    INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine has named M5 Business Activity Metrics as a recipient of its 2009 Product of the Year Award.


    M5 Business Activity Metrics (BAM) is a business intelligence toolset that monitors and tracks all of a business’s phone activity, providing actionable information to help the business improve sales and manage customer service levels. M5 BAM Standard Edition records call volumes, duration and cost to deliver a comprehensive snapshot of call activity through reports, charts and graphs. M5 BAM allows managers to recognize business trends, make optimum use of resources, staff appropriately and spot and correct cost issues and inefficiencies that may be affecting the top and bottom lines.

    “Call activity and effectiveness are clear barometers of the health of a business, and they need to be measured,” commented Dan Hoffman, CEO of M5 Networks. “We created M5 BAM to help managers answer crucial questions like which days of the week have the heaviest call volumes, what hours are sales people fielding the most calls and who is making the longest or most expensive calls. We’re delighted and honored that M5 BAM is being recognized for outstanding innovation.”

    All M5 VoIP clients have free access to M5 BAM Standard Edition and the option to upgrade at any time to M5 BAM Advanced Edition, which enables deeper analysis with customizable dashboards and reports.

    INTERNET TELEPHONY is proud to grant M5 Networks a 2009 Product of the Year Award for their M5 Business Activity Metrics product. M5 has proven its commitment to quality and excellence while addressing real needs in the marketplace,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “We’re happy to recognize and honor M5 for their development of IP communications technology. We look forward to more innovative solutions from them in the future.”

    A complete list of Product of the Year winners is published in the February 2010 issue of INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine, (www.itmag.com)INTERNET TELEPHONY has been the authority in IP communication since 1998™.

    For more information about TMC, please visit www.tmcnet.com.

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