M5Connect Web Browser Plugin

    M5 announced today the launch of Call Conductor browser plugins for Firefox and Internet Explorer. These plugins tap into M5's hosted VoIP smart business phone platform and increase productivity to users who make frequent outbound calls. They allow users click-to-dial capability for any phone number on any web page.

    For telesales or inside sales reps who often place calls using lists from web-based applications or databases, these plug-ins should increase efficiency while saving time and money.

    Installation is quite simple. No local drivers or libraries are needed, Firefox users just need to drag-and-drop a single file onto the Firefox window, enter their M5 phone number and password and then they can start clicking and dialing. In addition, users can selectively block and unblock their caller ID by left-clicking on the click-to-dial number to show their caller ID, or right-clicking to block it.

    If you're an M5 customer try this new feature out and let us know how you like it!

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