M5ers Learn to Curl

    On March 18th, M5ers from the Rochester office were exposed to one of the winter Olympics most interesting sports: curling. Originating in Scotland, curling is known as a gentleman’s game in which two teams of four take turn sliding granite stones down a sheet of ice, to see who get closest to the center on a target (think shuffleboard meets bocce). After strapping rubber soles to our feet, meeting our instructors, and getting a brief rundown on the bar setup, it was time to take to the ice.

    Broken into small groups, we were taught how to shoot (curl) and sweep properly, under the careful guise of some of Rochester Curling Club’s finest members. Once at a comfortable level of understanding, we were ready to partake in an actual match of curling. We split into teams of four, containing each of the positions in the game; lead, second, vice, and skip. Starting with a gesture of courtesy, opposing teams shook hands and wished each other a good game. Once it was determined which teams were going to shoot first, the games began; shakily to say the least.

    The two games got off to a slow start with no points scored in the first turn of play, known as an end, but things quickly elevated as we talented M5ers began to get a grasp on the game. While many shots struggled to even make it into play, there were many moments of shear brilliance coming from both games. Cheers could heard resounding through the building as stones actually made it into scoring position and high fives were-a-plenty.

    All-in-all it was a great team building and learning experience for all of those involved.  Whenever we try something new, we learn that we can accomplish the unexpected.  At M5, employee engagement isn’t just a catchphrase, it’s the way we do business. On behalf of everyone who participated, we would like to give a very big thank you to Heather Bennett and the People Team for helping to fund the event.  Now M5 Rocks and Curls!

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