Make Life Easier for Mobile Employees

    We don’t call them “road warriors” for nothing.

    Whether they’re salespeople, field technicians, consultants or senior executives, people who spend most of their time traveling outside of the office are a special breed.

    They handle long drives and longer airport security lines, fly at night so they can attend meetings all day, then spend a few hours in their hotel rooms catching up on other work. Or they operate out of their car or truck, using the passenger seat as their desk and connecting to conference calls from the side of the road.

    And somehow, they manage to get a remarkable amount accomplished. They make real contributions to their company despite the pressure and general craziness that goes along with working from the road.

    Unified communications (UC) is a big contributor to their success, incorporating powerful capabilities into the road warrior’s arsenal of devices and enabling them to get the job done. With UC, road warriors can fully participate in meetings, stay in close touch with team members scattered across the country, distribute documents, and plan and lead team discussions. Using these tools, they can be as involved in the business as they would be sitting at their desk in the home office.

    Everyday Tasks Made Easier

    For all of its power, UC makes its biggest impact by streamlining simple tasks. For example, consider ShoreTel Connect Mobility, which puts desk phone features on popular smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. With such technology, a road warrior can avoid fumbling with phone numbers and passcodes, and join a meeting with a simple click of a button that’s synced with their office calendar. This is just one of several features offered by Connect Mobility. To learn more, watch this video.

    Another example of how UC can simplify a road warrior’s life – voicemail. Let’s face it, busy people would rather read their voicemail than listen to it. ShoreTel Connect Scribe transcribes voicemail into text, then emails it along with the message’s audio file. Once received, road warriors can manage the message just as they do other emails, searching against transcribed text or forwarding them to other members of the team. And, because names and phone numbers are included with each transcription, there’s no need to keep notes on what was said or who said it. Since messages are delivered directly to the recipient’s inbox, there’s also no need to log into a voicemail system.

    Features such as these can make a big difference when you have to make the most of every moment. Give your road warriors the flexibility they need to work in the most time- and cost-effective manner possible, without sacrificing the robust communications features they need to make an impact on your customers.

    Learn more about how to equip your mobile workforce with tools that can improve their productivity by downloading this white paper by industry analyst Zeus Kerravala entitled, “Mobility Drives the Need for Personal Unified Communications”.






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