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Because a mobile workforce isn’t tied to one location, collaboration challenges are common. But unified communications (UC) can significantly enhance the productivity of this type of workforce while saving money.

Improve Mobile Productivity

By using UC’s presence tool, users can avoid wasted calls, especially from mobile devices, and shift many communications to IM, replacing unnecessary short phone calls. For example, salespeople can reduce the amount of time spent at customer sites by using IM from their mobile devices to get information needed to close sales.

Single number reach is a feature that lets customers, and colleagues connect with an employee regardless of their location or which device they’re using. By calling the individual’s office phone number, the call gets sent to whichever device they’re using. Users don’t miss important phone calls when they’re away from the office, and customers don’t have to try to figure out which number to call.

Reduce Your Mobile Bills

Moving cellphone traffic to IP reduces the number of paid minutes needed for employees. Use of a secure VoIP solution can cut the costs paid to external providers by routing calls over the corporate data network or the Internet, thereby bypassing toll-based networks.

Make International Calls More Affordable

Calling over Wi-Fi networks via a SIP softphone allows users to save on mobile charges. For cellular calls in countries where the caller pays, a UC solution can provide the mobile user with the ability to have the UC system call out to the user and then connect to the intended party, avoiding the cellular network charges.

Tolls are avoided when an international traveler logs in to their UC system, uses the Internet for VoIP connections back to the home office, and then speaks to colleagues or makes local calls from the UC platform at no charge.

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