Making a Clear Case for Attending the ILTA Legal Conference in Las Vegas – August 18-22

    I’m looking forward to attending the International Legal Technology Association 36th Annual Educational Conference in Las Vegas next week.  It’s one of my favorite vertical tradeshow and conferences, a tremendous resource for meeting prospects and channel partners, and arranging personalized demonstrations of our solutions, used by so many law firms around the world. It’s also great to meet up with the many people that have become customers since last year’s event. And going to Las Vegas has its own share of excitement at the same time.

    ShoreTel is continuously selected by law firms over our competition because of our unique solutions for the legal professional, resulting in high customer satisfaction. We offer flexible alternatives for law firms to choose what devices are best for their team, including the ShoreTel Dock which allows a lawyer to use their iPhone as their primary device from any location. Make a phone call from an iPhone with your desk phone caller ID when you’re on the road.  When back in the office, just insert the phone into the ShoreTel Dock.  The automatic connection to the high quality speakerphone is established and the phone stays charged - perfect for those long calls. Not to mention the ability to integrate ShoreTel Mobility with Apple calendaring so one touch opens up the bridge and lets you share a presentation from your Apple device. ShoreTel Mobility 7 is available for both ShoreTel and ShoreTel Sky customers today. Customers can use a brilliantly simple solution running on their premise, and operate it with ease. Or, if they wish to have a fully hosted cloud solution as a monthly service, we’ve got that covered as well. Either choice results in excellent solutions for lawyers communicating with their clients.

    ShoreTel 14 conference and collaboration solutions allow lawyers to consult with other firm representatives, and with their clients. At ILTA we’re demonstrating the ease of use for turning an IM into a phone call, into a full desktop sharing collaboration session. I believe our position in the legal industry really reflects our value proposition so well. The IT departments of law firms that select ShoreTel are stars – because they provide an intuitively simple solution that empowers the firm to focus on their clients. Not to mention having highly reliable solutions, beautiful phones offering crystal clear sound, and terrific mobility applications fits well with firms that want to present a professional image for their clients. And it’s so easy to enable them to bill their clients for time on the phone with our integration with their billing systems.

    We just announced our results for the quarter ended June 30th.  We beat every financial analyst target, gained market share against Avaya, Mitel and Cisco based on their results, and are committed to stay as focused as we always have on the only thing that matters: ensuring our customers have the best possible experience with our solutions. We’ll have a reception on Wednesday evening, Aug. 21, featuring liquid solutions being shared between our customers and prospects. Funny, our customers are our best sales people. There is something unique at this event where they want to help give the demonstrations to their peers - they want to invite them to their office to show how much they love the solution. And hearing that makes the trip even more enjoyable and worth the effort to ensure it is a success. See you there at booth #543, our reception, or by the pool Sunday night after setup. It’s Vegas, right?

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