How To Make The Most Of Artificial Intelligence’s Impact On Customer Experience

As consumers, we expect flexibility in nearly everything we do, whether it’s how we work, where we work, when we work or simply how we communicate. We want self-service opportunities that optimize our independence and convenience. We need everything faster, better and more personalized. If companies don’t deliver, we’re quick to write about it online—and this is true across virtually all demographics.

Clearly, the demand for AI is forcing us to re-imagine customer experience (CX), providing a new world of opportunity for forward-thinking businesses to leverage. So how can your business optimize its customer experience to stay on the cutting edge for years to come, without breaking the bank?

How To Make The Most Of Artificial Intelligence’s Impact On Customer Experience

Where To Start

Begin by asking these key questions:
Can I consistently deliver the right response to my customers in real time?
Am I available to customers beyond Monday to Friday, 9 to 5?
Can customers interact with me via multiple channels?
Are customers able to reach me quickly, or do they wait on hold for many minutes—which can feel like a lifetime?

Unless you answered yes to all these questions, AI can help you significantly improve your customer experience. And as the first point of contact for many of your customers, your contact center is the ideal place to begin.

How To Make The Most Of Artificial Intelligence’s Impact On Customer Experience

Mitel Solutions Powered with Google Contact Center AI

AI has matured tremendously in recent years. Now, it has the power to transform virtually every facet of the customer experience, tackling contact center agents’ routine tasks and helping them provide quicker and more customized service when they’re faced with complex queries.

By integrating with Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI, Mitel’s mature cloud and on-site contact center solutions are uniquely able to deliver a more intelligent customer experience. They accomplish this by providing:

A best-of-breed contact center solution
Integration between telephony, collaboration apps, AI contact center solutions and more
Voice, multimedia, omnichannel, open media, call recording, quality management and other capabilities 
A modern, seamless CX
 How To Make The Most Of Artificial Intelligence’s Impact On Customer Experience
Crucially, Google Contact Center AI brings three key elements to the table:

Virtual Agent: Injects AI capabilities with Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to provide a more human and intelligent self-serving capability.

Agent Assist: Ensures all agents can deliver expert service to customers, empowered with relevant information at their fingertips for skilled, real-time responses.

Topic Modeling: Delivers a powerful level of insight into customer interactions and behavior specific to your business that allows for continuous CX improvement.

Flexible and secure, this technology can be deployed rapidly, with a basic Virtual Agent up and running in just days or weeks rather than months or years. Plus, you won’t need a team of data scientists to manage it.

In addition, Mitel’s core cloud platform will soon be available within Google Cloud, so you can further expand your communications solutions.
 How To Make The Most Of Artificial Intelligence’s Impact On Customer Experience

Exceeding Expectations

This technology delivers on all the things customers want – speed, control, personalization – and will largely help determine which businesses succeed in the coming years.

The perfect example of this occurred to me recently when I was driving to the airport at 4 a.m., as I often have to do on Wednesdays, and was forced to stop at a red light. No one else was around, yet it took multiple cycles of green lights in other directions before the light turned green for me. Minutes of my time were wasted.

The next week I choose a new route. I was forced to stop at a red light with no other cars in sight, but it detected I was there and changed immediately. Seconds wasted.

The third week, I decided on a new route, still striving to maximize speed and ease as all consumers do. I saw a red light ahead, but it changed to green before my foot even touched the brake. 

Guess which route I select from now on? My high expectations were met by the third light, so now I won’t settle for less. Delivering the CX today’s consumers expect is clearly a powerful differentiator that builds loyalty.

By providing insightful customer data, enhancing self-service capabilities and transforming agents into highly efficient subject matter experts, AI can optimize your customer experience in the highly competitive digital age. Partnering with Mitel and Google Contact Center AI makes that simple and seamless—for many years to come.

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Chad Hardaker

Chad Hardaker

Senior Cloud Solutions Consultant

Chad is an evangelist for all things cloud, UC and CX, with a passion for demystifying technology. Helping businesses understand both current and future landscapes while working through technological change is what excites Chad every day.

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