Manhattan Keep On Makin’ It

    Crain’s announced yesterday that NYC has been named the Number 2 technology hub in the nation, second only to Silicon Valley.

    I’ve always believed that New York City was the epicenter for ingenuity and innovation; that’s why I moved back home after a year of traveling the West Coast. While California has a long history as the birth of the tech startup, with companies like Intel and Apple having defined the way we view and use tech today; Gotham is where that definition is evolving.

    M5 customers like Foursquare and Ideeli (listed in the Crain’s article) are making products which use technology to satisfy the consumer demand in ways we never imagined.

    New York isn’t doing it better than California, we just view opportunity differently. We breathe entrepreneurship on this island, and for everything California’s brilliant minds create, rest assured a New Yorker will find a way to make it benefit someone in a way you didn’t think of.

    We don’t do this for recognition, for fame, or for glory. We do it because, as SAI editor Alyson Shontell stated a few months ago, this isn’t Silicon Alley , “This is just New York.”