Marketing: How ScanSource Communications Can Help You

    ScanSource focuses on adding value to our ShoreTel resellers in many ways. We invest our time and energy in marketing and enablement programs for our partners such as customized marketing packages, strategic marketing planning, lead generation and more.

    Here is a look at trends and hot tips to help you keep your marketing initiatives on track:

    Lead Generation

    Trend: Execution of only one tactic will get me incredible results.

    Tip: A good lead generation campaign has multiple parts – and works your prospects through the funnel.

    Audience Segmentation – Noise vs. Conversation

    Trend: Speak to the masses and they will listen.

    Tip: You need to remember to segment your audience into targeted groups based on your goals.

    Sales Pitch

    Trend: I will just give them a quick sales pitch.

    Tip: In actuality, no one wants to hear your sales pitch. What they want to hear is how you can help them solve business challenges. Take time to listen and build relationships so that YOU can figure out the problem and solve it.

    Have a Purpose

    Trend: Communicating without a goal.

    Tip: Always have a goal. You know that spam you receive in your inbox? What communication do you retain? Model your communication after what you keep (and respond to).

    Recently, ScanSource partnered with NascentHub a leading technology and business consultancy focused on providing unified communications, IT services, cloud, and business strategy to a variety of markets. Here is how we listened and avoided the sales pitch to create a customized marketing plan with NascentHub.

    NascentHub was looking to develop a marketing plan for their business that would allow them to establish their brand in the marketplace. They wanted to build credibility in the market, and felt that having more content on their website, and creating meaningful collateral pieces, would help them convey the message effectively. They were also looking for a resource that could help them carry out some of the tactics of their marketing plan, which included creating marketing content for case studies, PR, social media, and the design and execution of various marketing campaigns.

    Tip: What to Consider Before Creating a Marketing Plan:

    1. Identify your goals for the year & the challenges your end users are having and where your current customers are having success
    2. Use above to create goals for your marketing campaign
    3. Determine the frequency in which you’d like to communicate
    4. Determine your audience segments 

    We recommended a strategic marketing plan first, to define their position in the market and prioritize their marketing needs based on a defined set of business goals and objectives. We also recommended our consulting services to help them execute the tactics outlined in the strategic marketing plan. Action items included gathering information and research for the development of the plan, and defining what type of activities they might need to conduct to meet the needs of their business objectives. We created a strategic marketing plan, and went on to develop customer case studies and marketing campaigns.

    “Working with ScanSource has been smooth from the start. Their knowledge of the market and their ability to create content for us with little direction have made it a seamless process for us. It’s like having our own marketing manager in house – without the headaches of managing.” – Richard Tarity, President and CEO, NascentHub.

    Having a plan in place helped them more easily align their business goals with their marketing objectives, and keeps them top of mind. The marketing objectives drove the actions, which helped to build brand awareness with an end goal of a qualified list of prospects to target. Using ScanSource as a resource enabled them to keep focusing on other business priorities while we worked on the marketing needs.

    NascentHub can now easily hand off tasks to ScanSource that need to be executed with little management of the resource. This yields greater marketing results at an accelerated pace for Nascent Hub.

    ScanSource is here to be your trusted partner in growing your ShoreTel business. Partner with ScanSource today and watch your business grow.  

    ScanSource is a sponsor of the 2016 ShoreTelOne Global Partner Conference, a gathering of ShoreTel’s channel partners and distributors as well as industry analysts and consultants from around the globe. The event will take place the week of Dec. 5 at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, Fla. Learn more about the conference here.

    Brian Cuppett brings more than 15 years to his role as Vice President of Merchandising for ScanSource Communications, where he is responsible for the management and direction of the business unit’s vendor relationships, helping guide business strategy and develop joint growth strategies with our vendors and partners.