Measure and Improve Marketing Effectiveness, No Matter How Prospects Engage

    The old saying goes, “I know that half of my marketing budget is wasted, I just don’t know which half.”  This may have been true when the only way to market your product was newspapers and billboards, but that just isn’t the case anymore.  With the right tools in place, the effectiveness of every campaign can be measured and optimized.


    Of all the ways prospects engage, online engagement is perhaps the easiest one to measure. If someone visits the company website, you should know where they came from, what they did once they arrived and whether they converted to a lead for additional follow up.  But the number of clicks from an ad isn’t nearly as powerful as the number of conversations.  Got a lot of clicks, but not a lot of conversations?  Check your targeting and your message.  Maybe you are getting to the wrong people, or perhaps your message is leading the readers to believe your product is something it isn’t.


    When a prospect replies to an email you sent, it’s pretty easy to know which email generated that activity.  Your email marketing solution should be able to easily link click-through rates to the email that contained the link. But what happens when the prospect initiates the interaction with an email to you?  Using a unique email address for each campaign tie’s this kind of activity to the campaign that generated the email.

    Over the Phone

    When someone calls your company, how do you know which campaign generated the call?  The representative can ask the caller, but a more effective method is to know the number they called. Choose a phone solution like M5, which makes it easy to create unique phone numbers for each marketing campaign.  With this approach you’ll know for sure which campaigns are generating leads and which are generating leads that result in sales.

    Not every campaign is a hit, so it is important to quickly identify and correct or abandon the misses. With the right tools and processes in place, you can maximize your effectiveness and make a measurable impact on the bottom line.

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