Measuring the productivity benefits of VoIP PBX made easier

    While the cost benefits of VoIP service can be quantified by curious parties, the productivity gains that are often cited as the solution's primary benefit are not so much. However, according to a release by a leading telecommunications company, five metrics can weigh the return on investment (ROI) of VoIP and related services.

    Seamless call routing, low cost real estate moves, reduced cable infrastructure management, presence tools and consolidated messaging all help professionals work more efficiently and waste less time when it comes to daily operations. Many of these benefits associated with VoIP PBX are seen as cost savings, but also have productivity advantages as well. Workers, particularly in a call center, get more work done smoothly with VoIP, without worrying as much about dropping calls, or missing important work as with clunky, legacy phone systems.

    According to Joe Kramschuster, an industry expert, once the savings from these benefits is added together, a contact center with just 10 employees could save a minimum of $1,000 annually from increased productivity of its agents alone.

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