MedWatch is ShoreTel's Fan of the Month

    The ShoreTel Fan of the Month for August 2015 is Valerie Limpus, Chief Information Officer at MedWatch, a healthcare company, which has benefited from ShoreTel Sky since 2011.

    About MedWatch

    MedWatch is a Health Utilization Management company founded in 1993. Whenever a person reports an adverse or sentinel event to the Food and Drug's Administration, the report is first filed through MedWatch. Because of this, MedWatch needs a reliable phone system. That’s why the company has relied on ShoreTel Sky solutions, which include our Contact Center and Managed profiles.

    Valerie Limpus has plenty to say about her experience using ShoreTel Sky.

    How did you become a ShoreTel customer?

    Well, here’s a little background. MedWatch provides clinical risk management solutions, such as utilization, case, and disease management, to the self-funded health plan market. Unlike many other companies, all of our business is conducted by telephone, so redundancy and disaster recovery are critical to ensuring business continuity. After our ShoreTel partner and IT team evaluated ShoreTel Sky, it was clear that ShoreTel’s 99.999% availability and robust contact center features presented a better value.

    How did your users react?

    If I had to focus in, I’d say users really like the ability to collaborate with their colleagues with ShoreTel Communicator’s instant messaging (IM) feature. We set up IM capabilities within teams such as disease managers and pre-certification nurses. Now when team members have questions, they can IM a supervisor. The call center also has a group set up so that if the call queue is backed up, employees can send an IM and alert agents to the problem. That helps keep the communications flowing in real time.

    What impressed you most about ShoreTel?

    What impressed me about the ShoreTel Contact Center software application is that it has been able to handle all of our requirements. We were able to private-label, or brand, inbound lines and change our outbound call display so the caller ID says Care Manager instead of MedWatch. ShoreTel Contact Center also has built in call recording and agent evaluation forms so our supervisors can track employee performance over time. Compliance is another issue. To comply with industry regulations, we have to maintain certain service levels, and ShoreTel reporting features enable us to provide the statistics requested by the accreditation agency.

    What advice would you give another university considering ShoreTel?

    If another CIO called me and asked me what system I would recommend, I'd say that the ShoreTel Sky solution has been able to handle all of our requirements. The ShoreTel portal makes the support process painless, and ShoreTel’s 24/7/365 world-class customer service and end-user support has eased the burden on our IT department. The ShoreTel Sky performs as advertised.

    What value did your partner, Peak Uptime, add?

    Prior to using ShoreTel Sky, we had an on-premises Mitel system and Cisco Unified Communication Manager, but the service was unstable due to power and Internet outages. When we had the opportunity to get out of that lease, we brought in our channel partner CDW, and it suggested moving to ShoreTel’s hosted solution. It was absolutely the right call.

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